Considerations before renovating your kitchen

Living without a kitchen during a renovation can be very challenging, but the end result is definitely worthwhile since a renovated kitchen can drastically improve its usability while also providing a big return on investment if you decide to sell in the future. Both the kitchen and bathroom have a huge selling point in for-sale homes since they’re often used.

Opting for a renovation in the heart of your home can boost your own enjoyment of the space while increasing your home value even more. Here’s a quick guideline for renovating your kitchen without all the unnecessary fuss.

Function and style. All successful kitchen renovation needs the essentials, and it’s the functionality feature. Most kitchens today have open floor plans, and owners prefer brightly lit, oversized centre islands to maximise usable workspace while having a gathering location. You can add a butler’s pantry as well for extra storage.

Combine trendy and timeless features. Kitchen design elements must be timeless, this includes appliances, cabinets, and countertops. Trends come and go, but what remains constant is the beauty and quality of the cabinetry and the appliances. These are the hallmarks of a great kitchen remodel. Everyone can tell if you skimp on those. You can end up costing yourself more money in the future when having to replace them if they don’t hold up.

Large doesn’t equal luxury. Sure, an open floor can expand your kitchen’s footprint, but it’s vital to consult with an expert first since he or she can help you create a kitchen that works plus the shape and size that will best suit the homeowner’s lifestyle. What small kitchens lack in square footage can be mended through details and functionality — so never assume a kitchen won’t work for you just because you have a modestly sized space.

Many appliances can be tailored to fit in smaller spaces, plus cutting back on the number of range burners or choosing smaller versions of appliances can also free up space. With less area to cover, upgrading to more stylish marble countertops or adding a deluxe tile backsplash is more feasible as well.

ROI consideration. When remodelling your kitchen, remember to keep the costs within a reasonable proportion of your home’s total value, and while it can be tempting to over decorate, try to keep the style harmonious with the rest of the house. For example, if your home has a traditional exterior, a super modern kitchen might feel out of place. Also, real estate agents and designers agree that the kitchen space is the most important part of a home as it’s usually a family gathering location.

The bottom line

Kitchen renovation generally requires a lot of planning, time, and of course, hefty budget. Some mutual building society can help finance your renovation, refinance your home if you’re having trouble with your current loan provider, or even allow you to purchase a new property that you want. You can browse bank company online and check information on their home page for home loan offers that match your needs.

For projects between $15,000 and $50,000, personal or unsecured loans are a good choice because these types of loan are easy to apply for, plus it doesn’t need any collateral, which means your home isn’t in jeopardy if you default. They also offer higher loan amounts than credit cards do.

Best of luck with your kitchen renovation!