Advantages of Dry Carpet Cleaning

When faced with an unpleasant spot or stain on a carpet, most people’s first response is to try and clean it themselves. While spot cleaning can be very effective in certain cases, it also helps to know when your dirty carpet is best left to the professionals. When it comes to certain stains, smells, and deep-set problems with your rug, it often pays to entrust a cleaning job to a professional dry cleaning service like Veteran’s Chem-Dry that will get the job done right. Here are just a few reasons to go dry when it comes to carpet cleaning.

No Threat of Bleeding or Stains

Many homeowners too often make the mistake of trying to clean their carpet themselves, with sometimes disastrous results. When carpets are cleaned or “shampooed” with water, several new problems can develop as a result. Many DIY tricks involve cleaning a specific area with club soda or household cleaner, but when it comes to cleaning an entire rug, it’s best to avoid using water. Without professional help, it’s hard to tell how much water to use, resulting in an eternally wet carpet that could bleed or stain from contact with other household furniture.

No Residue

Another risk of cleaning at home comes from homeowners using too much cleaning product, often high in chemicals, to clean their carpets. When this happens, theleftover product can often cling to the surface, creating an unpleasant residue that traps and attracts dirt. Meanwhile, using too little product results in a wet, dirty rug. If you want to avoid problems resulting from a too-wet rug or a highly chemical treatment, seeking out a professional dry carpet cleaner is your best bet.

A Faster, More Professional Process

When you entrust a professional with the task of cleaning your rug, you’re allowing it to be taken out of your hands. The process is fast, error-free, and takes the stress off of you completely. Rather than soaking your rug by hand and waiting for ages for it to dry, call a professional and have the problem dealt with quickly and efficiently. If you’re confused, intimidated, or simply unsure about the best way to take care of your carpet, the best thing to do is call a professional and schedule an appointment.


If eco friendly carpet cleaning is your main interest, dry carpet cleaning is by the least wasteful way of maintaining a clean rug. Not only is less water wasted through the dry cleaning process, it also employs less harmful chemicals to do the job, instead of working with air and pressure to extract stains and odor. Many home cleaners employ alkaline or acids, which create the possibility of residue and the emission of chemical odors in the home. With dry cleaning, the process is natural, safe, and clean from start to finish. You’ll be keeping your home looking clean and pristine while helping the environment at the same time.