Berber Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Carpeting is long been a popular option for floor covering for homeowners who want something soft and comfortable under their feet when they walk around the house. But it’s also no secret that carpets can get dirty much easier than hardwood flooring. One of the most sought-after types is Berber carpeting which is also one of the toughest carpets to get clean. The reason is due to the weave pattern that typifies Berber carpet, composed of thick loops that are tightly compressed against one another. This composition leaves the carpet durable but it can also be a pain in the neck to maintain properly.

Dirt and spills are a tough challenge but they don’t need to ruin your gorgeous carpeting. If you follow some of our handy cleaning and maintenance tips, you can keep your Berber carpet looking as good as new no matter how long it remains in your home. Practicing good cleaning and maintenance from the start will not only protect your carpet but your investment as well.

Routine Cleaning

Any type of carpet is going to need some tender loving care on a routine basis, but with Berber this is particularly important. It has a thick and tight weave of the fibers. Thus, a simple vacuum every once in a whileis not going to cut it. That won’t remove all of the ground in dirt and impurities that fall below the surface of the carpet fibers. So while it’s important to vacuum the carpet regularly, you must also do some dedicated carpet cleaning with a steam cleaner on a regular basis.

Regular Maintenance

Berber carpet needs to have professional cleaning every so often in order to maintain the look and feel. How often you have it done is up to you, but hiring a cleaning company to perform a full steam cleaning at least once a year is recommended to prolong the life of your carpet. Be sure to find the right company, one who specializes in cleaning Berber so the job is done properly and the carpet is cleaned from top to bottom. It’s important you remove all dirt and grime from beneath the fibers so bacteria doesn’t build up. If that occurs, you will have a health hazard on your hands and the carpet may need to be removed from the home.

Cleaning Up Spills

It’s imperative that you turn your attention to any spill on a clean carpet in order to prevent it from turning into a stain. But it’s especially critical on Berber. The quicker you can wipe up a spill, the easier it’ll be to prevent a stain from setting in. Leaving it to set will only allow the stain to dry in the fibers. That can make stain removal a much tougher task to accomplish. Getting to a spill fast only requires some soap and water to keep the stain from setting in there for good. Follow that up with a stain removal product if any remnants are left behind.