Is Green Carpet Cleaning Effective?

Green carpet cleaning is effective in many ways. Whether you make a homemade cleaner or call a professional that specializes in green cleaning, it works just as well as chemicals, without the potential to harm the environment or the body. You also avoid the use of chemicals such as perchloroethylene or naphthalene, which can cause nerve damage.

With green cleaners, you don’t need chemicals or soap. Eco-friendly products include plant-based ingredients, and the effect on a carpet can be better than when soaps and solvents are used. Many of these can leave behind a sticky residue that is very difficult to get out of the carpet fibers. What’s left behind may also attract dirt, so the carpet may require additional cleanings sooner.

Effectively Safe for People

Eco-friendly carpet cleaning involves water-based solutions. These are completely removed, so nothing is left behind after the process is over. Also, harsh chemicals are avoided, so the risks associated with strong fumes and contact with powerful substances is not a concern. But avoiding chemicals isn’t only about preventing headaches and dizziness. Your carpet is better protected, because a heavy water rinse is required after chemicals are used, saturating the carpet and pad; the rug takes longer to dry and the moisture creates an environment conducive to bacterial growth.

Effective for Environmental Sustainability

When a technician is done using chemicals, these must be discarded somehow. The individual is responsible for neutralizing, transporting, or throwing out the substances used. Pouring them down a drain is not a good idea. The chemicals can enter the water supply or leak out of pipes. Improper disposal methods can cause them to enter the soil and ultimately groundwater and nearby streams.

Toxic chemicals may then enter the food chain, from small microbes to fish, which may then find their way onto dinner plates. Chemical compounds can also kill off wildlife and harm vegetation, but these effects are totally avoidable by going green.

Commercial and Homemade Green Cleaners

Many companies have abandoned the use of chemical-based carpet cleaners. There are a number of brands servicing this market segment as well, and offer products that clean just as effectively as solvents and detergents. You can also make green carpet cleaners at home. If you are taking a DIY approach, you can remove stains with a non-toxic mix of water and white vinegar; combine vinegar, salt, and borax; or use baking soda. Products available in your cabinets and closets may already be there, ready to use green products to clean your carpets.

The green way to clean your carpet is better if you do it personally or professionally. This is often part of companies’ general services. Ask about their processes before a technician comes to your home; this can give you a good idea of exactly what products and techniques are used. Aside from considering the health and environmental risks of chemical-based methods, it’s important to note that green techniques generally work as effectively as traditional products. Therefore, you can depend on them for getting a carpet clean, safe, attractive, and longer-lasting.