Keeping Your Life Clean

There is something to be said about a tidy environment. Whether it is our room or our home, our neighborhood or our work place, when our surroundings are clean, we simply do better. It has been scientifically shown that uncluttered surroundings create calmer mannerisms among the inhabitants of those surroundings. This means less stress, more happiness, and higher productivity. However, there are only so many hours in a day. How are we supposed to keep up with tidying our lives when we are consistently busy with work, family, friends, and a host of other activities and goings on? There are a number of small changes that you can make in your life to help keep clutter at bay.

Get Organized

Simply having things in specific places is enough to take your stress level down a few notches. This gives you the knowledge and peace of mind that if ever you need something, you know exactly where it is and while doing so, the surrounding spaces are clear. Great ways to organize yourself are with filing cabinets or other various filing systems that you might find appealing, and drawers or cabinets that can be either open or closed depending on your preferred style. A simple and cost effective storage bench can be created by turning a bookshelf on its side. This is great for entryways or hallways.

Pare Down

A problem that nearly everyone finds themselves with is merely having too much stuff. That is how we have so much clutter in the first place. A number of books have come out on the topic such as The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up written by Marie Kondō. In this book, she asks her readers to hold each object they own and ask themselves if it brings them joy. If it does not bring them joy, then it should be given away. While this may sound silly, it is a wonderful question to ask yourself when it comes to the things that create our clutter. Having only those items around us that provide us with peace and happiness is an instant stress reducer and having less creates space.

Needs First

When it comes to things, it is important to prioritize those things that we actually need above those that we want. We can pair this with paring down. Sometimes things that we need may not be things that bring us joy, but balancing them with things that do bring us joy may help to make peace with their unwantedness.

Give and Receive Experience

When it comes to gift giving and receiving, experiences are a spectacular way to cut down on clutter. Think of how many holidays or birthdays where you have received gift you may not have wanted and that just took up space. Experiences take up no space and provide opportunities to either try something new or do something you or another already loves. These could be lessons or classes, small trips or passes to a museum or gallery.

Along with reducing clutter, keeping your surroundings clean is another way to boost happiness and productivity, not to mention keep you healthier. Cleaning your home at least once a week keeps germs and grime down. For you office, especially in the Toronto area, there is office cleaning Mississauga.